How To Get An Experienced Family Lawyer in Adelaide?

Once it is finalized that you will have to hire a family lawyer, the next question is to whom you select? A lawyer practicing family law represents you in court proceedings. He also takes part in drafting the legal documents and negotiating the terms and conditions with the other party’s lawyer. Since he is expert in dealing with matters related to paternity, adoption, compensation, emancipation, and so on, you do not need to be worried about anything. However, it is essential to go to the family lawyer Adelaide. Many times, people do not know how to go to a suitable lawyer? What are the parameters that should be looked for, and what are the resources that need to be explored? Learn more...

Child Custody Problems - Three Common Issues That Can Cause Headaches In Child Custody Cases in Adelaide

When a skilled family lawyer takes your case for child custody, he tries his best to turn the case in your favor. A family dispute involves many sensitive issues, and child custody is one of them. To convince the court about your claim for it; every point has to be put systematically. The convincing power and in-depth understanding of your lawyer make the things easy. However, three common problems that become roadblocks in a child custody Adelaide case are discussed in the blog. Your Adelaide lawyer must go prepared so that these issues don’t hamper your eligibility.

Legal Custody

What does it mean? The legal custody means the legal decision making for a minor child. It could be joint custody or sole custody. The judge prefers joint custody in most cases. As the name suggests, in this case, both parents possess equal rights to take important decisions for the children. Major healthcare decision is an example. Also, in this situation the access to a medical record, school record is available to both. Also, both parents are the point of contact in case of emergency. However, sometimes, the court orders sole custody where either of the parents gets the custody. Learn more…

Find an Expert Criminal Defense Lawyer in Adelaide with These 7 Key Questions

If there were no bad people, there were no good lawyers. Well, it is a judgmental statement. you may need criminal lawyer Adelaide without being a so-called “bad person”. Situations may drag you into a troublesome situation where you want to hire the number one lawyer in the city.


These Seven Questions May Help.

1.    Is the lawyer a certified attorney? Well, you may feel awkward while asking this question; it is vital that you know it. An accredited attorney is usually an experienced attorney. It means he has handled several cases so far.

2.   Has the lawyer handled several trials? You must hire criminal lawyer who has participated in many cases. It ensures that the prosecutor knows the ins and outs of defending cases of different types. Since you don’t want to look inferior to the opponent, spend adequate time in research. Learn more…

Separation & Applying For A Divorce Lawyer Adelaide


To get help with the legal side of things call ORB Lawyers on 08 8384 3430.

Separated, or Thinking About Divorce? Read on…

  • Divorce or separation can take a toll on anyone’s personal life and when a marriage or de-facto relationship ends, it causes a great deal of personal turmoil and can be emotionally and mentally draining in the extreme. This is especially true when the separation is difficult, there is property to divide, and there are parenting issues
  • If you would like to apply for a divorce lawyer Adelaide you can commence this process after you have been separated for a period of no less than 12 months. If your separation is relatively straight forward you may be able to apply using a divorce kit.
  • In Australia, there is a no-fault divorce approach meaning that neither spouse has to show that the breakdown of the marriage was caused by one or the other spouse.
  • All the court needs to know is that the parties have been separated for a period of 12 months and that there is no possibility of reconciliation.
  • There are some exceptions where the marriage was less than 2 years, exceptions which ORB Lawyers is well placed to provide specific legal adviceLearn more…

Choosing the Right Criminal Lawyer For Your Case

ORB Lawyers – Why is it vital to choose the right legal representation? It can make a significant difference in the outcome of the criminal case. Knowing the tips to choose the right criminal lawyer Adelaide can be helpful for your case and your situation. This blog gives a few key factors that must be considered while making the selection. 
How Much Experience Does The Lawyer Have?

Why is a proven experience in the courtroom considered the base for good representation for the case? It is because a lawyer who is known for his skills can navigate through the nooks and corners of the legal system more effectively than others. It translates into favorable plea agreements or dismissals or shorter sentences. A criminal lawyer that carries a rich experience ensures the smooth running of the case. He takes care that the efforts get expanded on your behalf. The best way to pick an experienced lawyer is to take references or examples of the earlier cases. Thus, the decision taken by you is based on facts and figures, and not assumptions. Learn more…


The Factors You Should Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Adelaide

Divorce is a complex situation that affects mental peace and personal life. It is the main reason you need an experienced divorce lawyer AdelaideDivorce proceedings are complicated. Therefore, you need someone who can handle the legal matters and present your case well. Some people want to save a few bucks by hiring an attorney who asks for less money. This blog brings you some important factors that one must consider while hiring a lawyer.

Call a Supportive Lawyer

Since you are already in a stressed mental state, you need a lawyer who handles things supportively. He should show that you are important to him and he wants that you get the maximum benefit. The lawyer will work with his team that includes junior lawyers and administrative staff to check every aspect of the case. He will ensure that you get the best benefit.

Call a Trusted Lawyer

Have you hired a family lawyer Adelaide of good reputation? Does he have an array of success stories? Can you ask about the cases he has closed with success? If yes, then you have got the right lawyer. Remember, a good lawyer has nothing to hide. Divorce cases need extensive knowledge and experience. It gives him confidence and competence to fight complex cases.

Get Feedback

A great way of hiring a good lawyer is to ask his older clients for the feedback about the handling of divorce cases. If you do not know who the previous clients are, then you should gather the information from the lawyer himself. You need to check for the complaints or negative feedback received about the lawyer. Background checking is necessary for ensuring the quality of a divorce attorney.

Hire a Lawyer Who Knows A-to-Z of Family & Divorce Law

Check the number of years of experience before you hire a lawyer. The more experienced the lawyer is, the more he should know about divorce and family laws. By hiring an expert divorce lawyer, you get mental satisfaction. He should have a professional approach. Using his best strategies, he can bring success to you.

He Should Have Clarity About Fees

Since the divorce process is complex, lawyers ask for more money. Therefore, you should hire a lawyer who gives a detailed breakup of his fees. Make sure there are no hidden things in it. Based on that you can calculate the exact amount. These tips will lead you to the best lawyer in the town.