Child Custody Problems - Three Common Issues That Can Cause Headaches In Child Custody Cases in Adelaide

When a skilled family lawyer takes your case for child custody, he tries his best to turn the case in your favor. A family dispute involves many sensitive issues, and child custody is one of them. To convince the court about your claim for it; every point has to be put systematically. The convincing power and in-depth understanding of your lawyer make the things easy. However, three common problems that become roadblocks in a child custody Adelaide case are discussed in the blog. Your Adelaide lawyer must go prepared so that these issues don’t hamper your eligibility.

Legal Custody

What does it mean? The legal custody means the legal decision making for a minor child. It could be joint custody or sole custody. The judge prefers joint custody in most cases. As the name suggests, in this case, both parents possess equal rights to take important decisions for the children. Major healthcare decision is an example. Also, in this situation the access to a medical record, school record is available to both. Also, both parents are the point of contact in case of emergency. However, sometimes, the court orders sole custody where either of the parents gets the custody. Learn more…